Do you ship?

Yes, we ship Monday through Friday throughout the continental U.S.

Where can I find you in stores?

Our cookies are available in limited supply, primarily in stores in California.

Do you use nuts in your cookies?

Only in our Belgian chocolate chip with pecan and walnut cookies and our peanut butter cookies.

What do you mean “Best in the world?"

Our cookies are virtually, home-baked just as if you baked them yourself, EXCEPT.. we do all the work! They're all-natural, baked with REAL butter, FRESH (hand-cracked) eggs, Madagascar vanilla and imported BELGIAN chocolate. And, we don’t need over-sweetness to mask lower-quality ingredients therefore our cookies contain about 30% less sugar than most others! AND, we bake every cookie in-house.

Why are we doing this?

Chocolate chips are "America's cookies!" I grew up on great chocolate chip cookies back in the Woodstock era, before the large corporations morphed them into cardboard-tasting masses of over-sweet dough, inferior chocolate, synthesized oils, and unhealthy sweeteners. 

Over the recent past a few large corporations and investment banks have quietly scooped-up a bunch of developing brands, bought distribution, degraded quality and sold-out the American public.  I hate that. 

Our virtually homemade cookies take you back to a time before the large corporations traded quality for profits. They’re natural and made with only the highest quality ingredients REAL butter, FRESH eggs, Madagascar vanilla and the FINEST, Belgian chocolate. We give you what you deserve for your money. 

What do you mean “fresh-baked?"

We developed a proprietary method to insure that our cookies taste fresh as the day they were baked.

Space-Age Technology!

Our proprietary technology (developed first for the U.S. space program) allows our cookies to retain their “fresh-baked" freshness without the use of synthesized oils, preservatives or chemical ANYTHING! To insure superiority they are hermetically sealed in foil bags and shipped within 48 hours of baking. We NEVER warehouse.

Small is beautiful!

We don’t believe in gluttony or tricking people into eating more than what makes them feel comfortable - so our cookies are bite-size, naturally, portion controlled!

Why do you recommend that I decant my cookies?

Our cookies are better than other cookies un-decanted. BUT if you want to enjoy the BEST flavor attainable and you’re patient, simply decant like a fine red wine for 10 minutes. This is true and you can test it in the privacy of your own home.

Why do your gluten-free cookies taste so good?

We developed and blend our own gluten-free flour in-house. No low-quality, commercially produced “general purpose” commodity flour for our customers! We believe our gluten-free customers deserve to get their money’s worth.

Can I get my cookies once a month?

Yes. We offer concierge delivery! A virtual subscription service whereby you can have cookies delivered to your door a few days “pre-craving” whether it been daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.. you get the idea! You can select that when you're buying your cookies.