Judy and I love homemade chocolate chip cookies🍪 and we believe in love and karma. Crazy as it sounds, that's the entire basis of our one-of-a-kind, bakery-quality chocolate chip cookies and and our new Whole-Grain Protein and Energy Cookie Bites!™

Paris (2009,) Judy and I were embarrassed to find  junk-food chocolate chip cookies🍪 representing America in a bakery fest at Le Bon Marche (world-class store.) We took it personally. 

So we returned to LA, sold our house, invested in a huge oven and began baking. We were determined to develop a better alternative to "junk-food" that flooded the marketplace. AND ours would be good enough to represent America's true values, everywhere.

For 18 months we lived in our “P.A.V.” Personal Adventure Vehicle (ex-Greyhound bus) while we learned how to bake great natural preservative-free, chocolate chip cookies.


We are propagating health and happiness through our cookies and Cookie Bites. There has never been a “plan B” we’ve progressed due to perseverance, a great team and a few miracles along the way. If the thought of returning to America's core values makes  you smile, and you are reading this, then we're doing our job. Thank you.