Judy and I love homemade chocolate chip cookies, we’re proud Americans and we believe in love and karma. Crazy as it sounds, that's the entire basis of our one-of-a-kind, bakery-quality cookies!


It was in Paris, where we were embarrassed to find a low-quality, mass-market brand of chocolate chip cookie as the sole representative of America in a bakery fest at Le Bon Marche (the premier world-class store in Europe.) Is this the best we could do? This situation felt humiliating  and we took it personally. 


Judy and I returned to LA, sold our house, invested in a huge oven and packaging equipment and began baking. We were determined to develop a Tastier, healthier alternative to the over-processed, artificial ingredient and preservative filled “corporate cookies” that flooded the marketplace. AND it would be good enough to rightfully represent America. For 18 months we lived in our “P.A.V.” Personal Adventure Vehicle (ex-Greyhound) while we learned how to bake great natural butter and Belgian chocolate chip based, chocolate chip cookies.



Judy and I don’t need much material wealth to be happy. I had survived a rare disease, I was 67. I was a successful inventor/entrepreneur. Judy is fearless, her only question was: "What would I enjoy?" -that was easy! Propagating health and happiness through our amazing cookies. There has never been a “plan B” we’ve progressed due to perseverance, a great team and a few unexplainable miracles along the way. In Judy’s words: “We have a cookie karma going, and sometimes it’s a hell of a struggle" BUT, if our cookies make you smile, and you are reading this, then we're doing our job.