6oz. Boxes
Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Chip
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The Gluten-Free version of our #1 Seller. And most people can't tell the difference!  These cookies mark the return of homestyle, chocolate chip cookies and now they're available gluten-free and absolutely delicious. We actually blend our own gluten-free flour in-house because no commercially produced flour met our standards. We mix Belgian chocolate chips into our signature cookie batter along with real butter, eggs and Madagascar vanilla. Every cookie is baked in-house, and usually shipped within 24 hours of baking.
It's a fact, the best chefs use the best ingredients. We don't use artificial or synthesized ANYTHING. We only use only top quality, fresh, natural ingredients. Our creamery butter is both Antibiotic-FREE and rBST-FREE. Bet you can’t eat just one!


Questions? Call: (800) 873-5957 (M-F, 8AM - 4PM PST) or Email bart@bartsbakery.com



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