4 Large Pouches (6 servings ea.) Crispy Protein Cookie Bites

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Each pouch contains 6 servings of organic yellow pea protein combined with organic sesame seeds, flax seeds and scrumptious Belgian Chocolate chips. Each serving contains about 11g yellow pea protein (about the same as you would find in 3 eggs) These are low-calorie, low-fat and low-carb. The perfect pre-workout protein and sized to snack-on day time or night time, without guilt! Fresh baked, usually shipped within 24 hours.
Thank you and enjoy! Bart & Judy

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Garbanzo Flour, Oats, Free Range Egg, Flax Seed, Black and White Sesame seed, Pecan (ground),  54% Cacao (Belgian), Yellow Pea Protein, Brown Sugar, Himalayan Pink Salt.