The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Do you like your cookie soft and chewy or thin and crispy? 

The perfect chocolate chip cookie must be a pleasure for all the senses. It needs to balance taste with texture and crispy with buttery. It must look amazing and smell like heaven. The number one rule is to use the highest-quality ingredients you can find. This means get rid of the flavorless Tollhouse chocolate chips with the waxy consistency and invest in some good quality chocolate. Bart & Judy use only certified Fair Trade Belgian chocolate in all their cookies, including the infamous Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk, Gluten-FREE, and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Get the Butter

There are two factors when it comes to making the perfect chocolate chip cookie, the first is butter. For chewy soft cookies use at least 2 sticks a butter per recipe. For a think and crisp cookie, it’s 2 1/2 sticks of butter. For a cakier cookie, it’s 1 & 3/4 sticks butter. Bart & Judy uses only organic Darigold Butter from Oregon.


Sugar is Key 

Sugar is the other ingredient that affects the overall texture and looks of the perfect chocolate chip cookie. The greater amount of brown sugar adds chewiness to the cookie because it has molasses in it. If you want a crisp cookie then use a higher ratio of granulated sugar. If you like a cakier cookie then reduce the sugar in the recipe overall. Bart & Judy use only organic cane sugar. 


Use a Mixer and a Wooden Spoon

Creaming together the butter and sugar in a mixer is very important as it incorporates the sugar into the mix and air into the batter so the cookies will be light and airy. So when the butter and sugar are light and fluffy. The rest of the ingredients for amazing chocolate chip cookies are quality ingredients so using organic eggs and the best-quality vanilla extract is also important for cookie perfection. Organic all-purpose flour, Kosher salt and a new box of baking soda. Don’t reach for that baking soda that’s been in the back of the refrigerator that is used to remove odors. Make sure you whisk your dry ingredients together so there are no pockets of any one thing like salt or baking soda. Mix the butter/sugar and the dry ingredients low and slow until it’s just barely combined then add your amazing quality semi-sweet chocolate chips with a wooden spatula.

As soon as the cookie edge is golden brown, then take them out of the over. The carry-over heat will keep cooking them to perfection.

Belgium’s Chocolate Legacy

The smell is unmistakeable…the intoxicating, warm aroma of melted cocoa. The scent of chocolate calms the brain and relaxes theta waves, in other words, chocolate is such an intense smell for the brain that everything else takes a back seat so it can focus on the complex aroma. The taste of chocolate melting in your mouth is even better as it produces endorphins that stimulate euphoria. No wonder you feel so amazing after a warm chocolate chip cookie. There is no doubt that chocolate is a sensual experience, but what is so special about Belgian Chocolate?

Belgium is a small country but it has a very big following all over the world for its beer, waffles, and, chocolate! How did this infamy come to be as it is so far from the equator? Because back in the 1600’s Belgium was still ruled by Spain which brought cocoa beans from the new world. Chocolate was a luxury and was used to make hot chocolate for nobility but by the 1800s became affordable for the working class as well. 

In 1857 the first Belgian chocolate shop opened in Brussels. Jean Neuhaus initially ran an apothecary shop that covered medicine in chocolate but gradually the medicine went away because people just really wanted to buy his chocolate. The Neuhaus family chocolate shop was responsible for creating the first chocolate-filled bonbons or pralines, which according to many still reigns as the “Best Chocolate Truffle in the World.” The Neuhaus chocolate is now called Côte d’Or, and it is the best known commercial brand of chocolate in the world. 

Why It’s So Famous

Belgium is recognized as the best in the world is really key to its location in the heart of Europe. Its a place where people pass through on their way to other major locations. So Belgian chocolate literally spread its way across Europe.

Rules for Making Belgian Chocolate

Nowadays there are over 2 thousand chocolate shops in Belgian and there are strict rules for its production. They even include overseeing how the cocoa beans are planted, and how they are roasted.  A law enacted in 1884 states that all Belgian Chocolate must have no less than 35% cocoa. This prevents low-quality fat sources from compromising the composition. In Belgium, Chocolate making is an independent endeavor with many small shops manufacturing bonbons exactly the same way they did 100 years ago. 

Chocolate recipes have been passed down through generations. The Belgian culture celebrates and protects both the quality of ingredients and the care that is taken when manufacturing it.

A bit about butter

Butter used to be vilified as the culprit of heart disease and weight gain but it is now celebrated as good fat. It is an integral part of our diets and we put it in everything from baked potatoes to chocolate chip cookies. Butter is made from churning fresh cream or milk to separate the butterfat from the liquid. It simply consists of butterfat, milk proteins and water. 

Why does butter make everything better?

Mouth Feel is a term used in the culinary world that describes the textures and the richness of a Bart and Judy’s Double Chocolate Chip Cookie. Butter will coat your tongue and give you the sensation of luxury.

How did this all churn about?

Butter fills several roles in baking. First is the flavor that complements sweet baked goods. The second is the texture. By creaming the butter and sugar together, it introduces air into a dough. Tiny bubbles in the butter expand during the heat of baking and aerate the cookie. The results are light and flaky consistency with an amazing flavor.

Bart & Judy are proud to support Darigold Family Farm and its environmental and sustainability initiatives. Every golden bite of our cookies has the highest-quality butter that is Antibiotic-FREE and RSBT-FREE. Winner of the 2018 Washington State Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Award. 

Bart & Judy’s Bakery Uses Only the Finest Belgian Chocolate in Every Cookie. Taste the difference today in our Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk, Gluten-Free, and Mint Chocolate Chip.