The Joy of Small Pleasures

“Sometimes, the simple things are more fun and meaningful than all the banquets in the world ...”

Chocolate brings calm, quiet, contentment, and warmth. The smell permeates your head and clears your mind. Eating chocolate brings an abandonment of the sense and demands you move slowly to savor the moment. Chocolate rewards you with contentment.

Fill your life with lots of little pleasures

During World War II the British forces took over the trains that brought fresh-cut flowers into London. People were very upset they couldn’t buy flowers to boost their morale. When Winston Churchill heard about it, he immediately gave the trains back to deliver fresh flowers. In times of stress, people find comfort in small pleasures. No matter the expense.

It seems indulgent and silly to buy a bouquet of flowers in the middle of a war but emotionally and mentally it is beneficial to the soul.

According to Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending, its the small pleasures that matter the most and giving them up during times of recession is a mistake.

“The thing about happiness is that small, repeated…pleasures are the bread and butter of human happiness. Things like dinners out with friends, parties, enjoying a nice cup of coffee – all of these things are a key component of happiness, and they make us happy over and over again, so cutting them out is very painful.”

Vanderkam also says that if you want to save money go for the big expensive status symbols. Get rid of the big house and fancy leased car. Those items can go. Research shows that people quickly become used to their expensive purchases and do not get any enjoyment from them over time. The secret is to give yourself a smaller but more frequent infusions of joy.

But Vanderkam also suggests that we need to focus on where you spend your money. You should ask yourself: Am I supporting companies that share my values?

“Our money is powerful because it can help create a community in which we would want to live,” she said in a recent podcast. “For instance, you may want to consider spending more of your money at small independent businesses because you’re helping to create a place that will be supportive of you.” 

Sometimes all the world’s problems can melt away just by eating just one cookie.

So go ahead.

Buy the latte.

Eat the cookie.


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