More Chocolate is Better

The Truth About Corporate Cookies

Whether you are a Chips A Hoy lover or an Oreo’s aficionado, one thing is for sure, chocolate is not the main ingredient in these products. Maybe it was once upon a time but those days are long gone with the advent of modern manufacturing, food additives, and large corporate greed.

Let’s break it down people.

Oreos have dominated the cookie market for over 100 years. It is the best selling cookie brand in the world and makes around $2.5 billion annually. There are Oreo milkshakes, fried Oreos, and Oreo cookie cakes. But chocolate is the last ingredient listed on the package.

Ingredients are listed on food packaging by the greatest amount first, followed by smaller amounts. Because it has the least amount of all the other ingredients, chocolate is listed dead last. Oreos contain trace amounts of processed chocolate at best.


Why is it so black if there is hardly any chocolate? The trace amount of cocoa powder that Oreos do have is alkalized so much that most chocolate’s characteristic flavor is gone and the processing results in the black coloring. If you notice, Oreo’s don’t taste like chocolate. Alkalization is a chemical process that removes most of the cacao benefits and flavor. It’s also not environmentally sustainable in the least. Ammonium and carbonate with iron salts is most commonly used and the byproduct of this process is an environmental nightmare.

While Oreo’s don’t have much real chocolate in them, they do have plenty of palm oil. Palm oil is very high in saturated fat, and saturated fat boosts "bad" LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, both are risk factors for heart disease. 

Are you starting to get the picture?

It’s time to make a conscious cookie choice.

More Chocolate is Better.

Bart & Judy's uses not only the finest chocolate but also has more chocolate than any other cookie on the market.

We use only the finest Belgian chocolate in the world, Callebaut, a world-acclaimed chocolatier. Our chocolate is fair trade and organic. Our extreme chocolate cookies are 85% cacao, while our dark chocolate is 60%, and milk chocolate 40%.

Bart & Judy mean to make a difference in the corporate cookie world by baking in small batches of the world’s highest-quality, premium chocolate cookies with all-natural ingredients.

Introducing the cookie of yesterday: The Home-style Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bart's Bakery #1 seller! These cookies mark the return of the old-school, chocolate chip cookie. Extra Belgian chocolate chips mixed into our signature cookie batter. Real butter, real eggs, Madagascar vanilla, baked in-house and usually shipped within 24 hours.

Every golden bite of our cookies has the highest-quality butter that is Antibiotic-FREE and RSBT-FREE. Our fresh delicious Belgian Chocolate Butter Cookies are shipped daily! Each buttery bite is filled with loads of flavor. Bet you can’t eat just one!