How Do You Make a Business Out of Passion?

Bart and Judy Greenhut's passion for baking amazing cookies has translated into one of the most successful small businesses in Southern California. And they are now taking aim at the $38 billion corporate cookie market with funky new packaging, all-natural ingredients, and good old fashioned charm.  

Bart & Judy Greenhut's story of transforming a passion for baking into an actual business starts in a pink bus many years ago in the land of Los Angeles, where anything can happen. 

Bart and Judy started by selling batches of homemade chocolate chip cookies at local farmer's markets around Los Angeles almost 20 years ago. Today they are one of the most successful small businesses in Los Angeles.

How did it happen?

Getting there takes a lot of sacrifice. In 2006 Bart and Judy scraped together their life savings and sold everything they owned to invest in bakery equipment. 

For almost 2 years Bart & Judy lived in a bus. Not just any bus but a 1951 Pink Greyhound Bus that used to run from Washington DC to Boston. They sold the house. They sold their cars. They sold everything. Why?

“We wanted to not be controlled by investors or banks,” Greenhut says. “We needed the money to invest in the business.” 

“But first we traveled around the county, over 14 thousand miles. We met every kind of people from Florida to Maine, and Alabama to Minnesota.” Bart went on to explain. 

“We spent 10 months converting it and called it our PAV (personal adventure vehicle). It was the same Cadillac pink that Elvis had bought for his mother. “People loved seeing it," Greenhut remembers.

What started off as a travel adventure soon turned into a business adventure. 

They saved so much money on living expenses they had enough to purchase a 40-year-old tunnel oven. The oven had a conveyor belt for continuous production and took around 4 weeks to disassemble, move, and reassemble. 

‘We needed to upgrade but as you can imagine we were on a tight budget.” Greenhut revealed. The oven was located in the top floor of cracker bakery in Texas. “Usually industrial buildings have elevators but this one did not.” Bart lamented. The oven had to be broken down in smaller pieces and carried down in sections and placed on a flatbed truck to ship back to California. 

“We learned a bit of a lesson…to always look for an elevator when you buy huge industrial ovens.” Bart said wistfully. But after many lessons and lots of chocolate chips, Bart & Judy now make over a million freshly-baked cookies daily.

Our chocolate chip cookies are best sellers in Gelson's, Ralphs, Vintage Markets, and Whole Foods. We also work with First Class Vending and Amtrak. Bart & Judy's Cookies have had a dedicated fan base all over California for 10+ years.

Our mission is to create the highest quality chocolate chip cookie with fair trade chocolate and all-natural ingredients. Something that's just not done anymore. 

We are offering our products at corporate cookie pricing because we want to compete with high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. And we know that real ingredients will win! 

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