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“The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In The World”® is more than a provocative, name. EVERYTHING we do is the best attainable.






30 Years in the oven..

Once upon a time (1970's) there was a baker in Hollywood who became famous for producing delightfully crunchy, bite-sized, chocolate chip cookies.

He sold-out and soon his delicious, cookies were replaced by mass-produced, imitations.. marketed under his name! A similar fate has befallen other brands.

Give us a break, we get bummed when that happens! That's why today, WE bake:  "The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In The World!"®

Our cookies are all-natural, buttery, crunchy, golden-amber and deliciously chocolaty. They're made with only the best of EVERYTHING, Creamery Butter, FRESH Eggs and the world's finest, dark Belgian Chocolate.

We ship fresh-baked (never warehoused) and our cookies contain NO preservatives or artificial ANYTHING. Their only purpose is to preserve a little place in the world for perfection, and to propagate happiness. 

We develop our own proprietary recipes, source superior ingredients and bake every one of our cookies in-house, in our own facility.

This is our “THANK YOU” to American - Bart & Judy

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