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Pay for 250 cookies get about 250 more, free!  
-about 35 to 45 cookies per "stay-fresh" foil bag -10 bags in the box!

These are possibly the MOST delicious buttery, chocolaty, crunchy, bite-size morsels
your taste buds will ever have the pleasure to enjoy!

• Amazing French/American Butter & Fresh Eggs (hand-cracked)
• Fantastic Madagascar Vanilla
• Fantastic Dark BELGIAN Chocolate Chips 
• Fresh-Baked, SAME DAY SHIPPING, tastes home-made

We use only the best all natural ingredients. They contain no trans-fat, hydrogenated oils or anything artificial!

For an INCREDIBLE experience, 15 seconds in the microwave and they’ll taste like they came straight from grandma’s oven! No kidding!

Thank you and ENJOY! 

Bart and Judy Greenhut
SKU: BOGO-500 Choc Chip (10)