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Pay for 250 cookies get about 250 more, free!  
-there are 10 "stay-fresh" bags in one large box!

These are possibly the MOST delicious buttery, chocolaty, crunchy, bite-size morsels
your taste buds will ever have the pleasure to enjoy!

• Amazing French/American Butter & Fresh Eggs (hand-cracked)
• Fantastic Madagascar Vanilla
• Fantastic Dark BELGIAN Chocolate Chips 
• Fresh-Baked, SAME DAY SHIPPING, tastes home-made

Includes shipping and 5 BONUS, "Fun And Thanks" Serial Numbers!

These are not "gift packaged" our money goes into our cookies, not packaging.

We use only the best all natural ingredients. They contain no trans-fat, hydrogenated oils or anything artificial!

For an INCREDIBLE experience, put some in the microwave a few seconds and they’ll taste like they came straight from grandma’s oven! No kidding!

Thank you and ENJOY! 

Bart and Judy Greenhut
SKU: BOGO-500 Choc Chip (10)